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 WELCOME!! This is the official site of JOCKS PLAYING HALO!!!  We are a brand new Klan that is looking to for new players to join our ass kicking team.  CHECK OUT THE SITE AND CONTACT US FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS!!!   

All pictures on this website have been copied and used from Bungie, these are not personal pictures nor are they personal snapshots of the game

(8.23.05) Ok so I took a week off before school started!  That is why you didn't see an update last week.  Well I was going to swing by and let you all know that I was going to be gone....but that would have defeated the purpose of me not posting that week.  We now have a bungie group for our clan and anyone else who wants to is the link. JPH ON BUNGIE.  I won't be posting there because I don't want to take the story away from Tom(Asthenia117) that he wrote earlier this week.  THE TEARING Ok so in the absence of posting last week...a lot went down.  This story deserves its own paragraph lol.

Ok it all started about a week and a half ago when Shining Falcon was promoted to the overlord status, which didn't make me happy because I did not approve.  This being, I quit out of the Major Clan Match that we were in (sorry about that guys) and asked Falcon to resign...which he did.  Well my quitting started an argument between DJ Sleepy K and myself about how we promote people...but in the end we came to an agreement that all the overlords must vote before we promote anyone in order to keep things running smoothly.  We first decided the high council (the top five overlords over all overlords because we are the master high council overlords haha) which came out to be, {JPH}Halotitan, {JPH}DJ SLeepy K, {JPH}Asthenia117, {JPH} Grammit, and {JPH}Rob80.  We then had ourselves a short meeting and proceeded to re-rank EVERYONE in the clan...and we had also voted on making Shining Falcon an overlord...everyone pretty much said no except DJ (DJ being the only who had faith in him).

We later broke the bad news to Falcon that he was not to be made an overlord just yet, which disappointed him.  Everything from then on seemed to be going just fine...Falcon was back to his normal self and even joining in on all the big team battles I was playing one night...but on August 18, 2005...that little shit tried to break up one of the longest running clans in Halo history (I'm talking about us, because we're like a year and a half old).  While no one was on that evening, Falcon gathered DBJax, and/or DarkZeroo(who claims it was his brother on his account) and they proceeded to de-rank our clan from a level 17 all the way down to a level 4.  After this had happened, Rob signed online and joined their party, where he felt sorry about falcon's bitching and went ahead and made him an overlord (Rob does indeed regret this move..but its ok cause Rob kicks ass).  When falcon got this power, he used it to boot EVERYONE from JPH that wasn't an overlord and then quit the clan himself.....along with his weak ass possie.

This pretty much pissed a lot of people in the clan off (mainly about losing all of our friends that were members) resulting in me posting a thread about it at bungie (click bungie to view the thread).  This thread took off and sparked interest in a lot of people who read it, most of the people who did read it wanted clan invites so they could join and helps us get not only our members back.......but our rank as well.  Members like Death Wontsav U, BigRam, Sleeper25, and Death117 (sorry if I got the names wrong) Have helped us achieve a level 15 again and our clan is now ranging about 50 members!!  Ok that's the story.

In other news...I will be passing my plans around to the other overlords about the tourney this week and we should start taking sign ups starting sometime on Sunday...See you next week!!!

(8.10.05) Before you read any further...make sure you read EVERYTHING posted yesterday.  I would like to take this time to welcome the newest members of JPH.  We would like to welcome {JPH}DCnx01, {JPH}ElBandito, {JPH}Humanoidmadmex, {JPH}Ianski, {JPH}Ickisiscool, {JPH}MaliciousDiablo, {JPH}Givewhat, and {JPH} Mercrs.

(8.09.05) Fellow Clan members, the next few weeks will mark the beginning of the fall semester. Seeing many of our members are students, the clan will be a bit less active than it was compared to over the summer. But fear not. It is likely the {JPH} will be soon hosting a series of tournaments for fun. Some of the categories include: Head to head, FFA, Shotguns, 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2, and Pistols. You don't have to be a clan member to register, so contact everyone on your friends list once dates have been set. Have a great week.

Hello you can tell, there will most likely be two or three people a week (hopefully) tossing in their two cents for the weekly update.  I would like to see some of the other clan leaders besides Tom (Asthenia117) and I posting our thoughts and news.  Thank you Tom for contributing the news this week.  As Tom had is starting for most of us (go to school Rob...its good for you lol) and the clan might not see "that" much activity.  However we won't let it die either...we'll clan match as much as we can if we all happen to be on halo at the same time...I can't guarantee my presence too much because college requires A LOT of time and effort...not to mention my job.  Ok so for other clan news...we haven't moved up in rank this last week...despite some efforts from a few of the members early this month.  But hopefully that will change soon enough.

COMING SOON!!!! JPH will soon start hosting tournaments (compliments to Tom for coming up with the idea).  Its going to be just something we do for fun...most likely on the weekends....our EVENTS section seems to be getting very whenever you come on it to see if anything has changed...I'll be conversing with the other overlords on some dates of when we plan on hosting these...and how we plan to publicize it...this isn't just a clan activity...we want to be a well known clan that is easy going...not just a big scary group that you know will f*** your team up haha, so make sure to invite anyone you possibly can to come join us in our fun :).


(8.02.05) looks like I'll be updating the site around every Tuesday or Wednesday from here on out..due to my being busy on Sundays.  Ok so here's the news from the most recent week...First off, I'm an idiot...I got mad at some jerk on Halo and "accidentally" broke my headset...but don't worry...I'll be getting a new one soon.  The clan has also moved up in rank, we are now a level 14 in Major Clan Match and a level 17 in Minor Clan match check out the stats page to see....

I'll be doing the stats differently (since it takes so frickin long to do) I'll now just post AWESOME games we've had (whether we've won or lost them) just to have them as a memory...but the link to our clan page (click on the stats link) on Bungie should be enough...if you want to see ALL of our stats, then you can do it from there..I also believe we got some new members recently, but I don't have their names with me just yet so I'll have to update that later...One last thing...this is your website (clan members I mean) and if you want to put any news yourself up here...then just let me know and we'll work something out...have a great weak everyone!!! And remember to eat your chicken :)

(7.24.05) HOLY CRAP Doom 3 is Scary!  It's the little things that get to me.  Anyhoo, the clan is now a level 14 in minor clan match and 11 in major clan match.  Besides that I work ALL the time, Lance won... again, and dad's malt's are scrum-dilly-icious.  Make it a GREAT week!

(7.17.05) GUESS WHO'S BACK...BACK AGAIN....JPH IS BACK....TELL YOUR FRIENDS!  Ok well the good news is I'm playing Halo 2 again and just recently got JPH going as well.  We now have a decent clan with new members!! {JPH} Would like to welcome {JPH}Asthenia117, {JPH}UNSC NICK 117, {JPH}SHINING FALCON, {JPH}Caboose2313, {JPH}Dustin Echos104, {JPH}DB Jaxk, and {JPH}Half2Halo.  Yes its quite the list haha.  So anyway the clan is up and running again, and as you can tell, so is the website...I'll again do my best to update this weekly, even though I'm very very busy with work and school right now (yes yes I have summer class!). 

Do you like this new logo I made? Post your thoughts in the forums.

In JPH News, we are already a level 10 in Minor Clan match and a level 6 in that is a lot better than what we had before the stats were reset.  Click on the STATS tab to see detailed descriptions of ALL Clan matches we've ever had.  However I did not post any matches we've been modded against (damn hackers) or any game stats that have been marked unreliable.  Also check out the members page where you can click on the members name to see their personal stats.  That's all I have for right now...please click on this link to our forums to read the short biography I wrote on JPH..PEACE



(4.03.05) Hello again!!!! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, but I don't think anyone even comes to the site anymore so I kind of forgot.  To those of you who do come here I apologize for the long wait between posts.  If you are a regular to this site, I urge you to join our forums please.  Guess what everyone!?!? Halo 2 will have new maps soon, here in a few short weeks I believe.  Go to for more information.  I haven't played much Halo 2, and when I have, It's been in campaign mode.  I'm getting sick of most people online so I'm taking a break from them....Normally if I see Rob, Grammit, or DJ Sleepy K online, then I will most likely go join them.  Ok guys have fun playing Halo and talk to you in the forums.

(3.15.05)  Hello everyone.  I probably won't be on Halo 2 much in the next few weeks because it has really burned me out.  I'm just dying for something new so I bought Mech Assault 2!  The clan now exists there as will it exist on Unreal Championship 2 that will come out next month.  I'll be making a UC2 website and I'll let you guys know when it is completed.  DON'T WORRY THOUGH! I will still play Halo 2....I'm just thinking maybe on the weekends because that seems to be when most of our members are on so its not like I'm finished forever, I'm just taking a break.  ALSO! THE FORUMS AREN'T GETTING USED!!!!! WE NEED TO PROMOTE AND USE THE FORUMS MORE! We should have new boards and different categories soon so don't think that they are strictly JPH clan talk and Halo 2 talk...Post whatever you want and I'll post new boards for those specific topics ok everyone.  PLZ PLZ PLZ USE THEM that's why I put one on here so they would be used.  LATER

(3.10.05)  Hey guys long time no post! I've been gone skiing for awhile and just haven't been around to do anything.  Not much to say this week, the clan is doing pretty good, we still sit at a level 7 and we should get better now that Rob is back.  We also have a new member, Bosquel who is just as awesome as Rob.  With these two we should be unstoppable.  The Stats and Members have been updated... PEACE

(3.02.05)  Hey guys...sorry I knew that I had said I would update this everyday, but it's been really hard to do between school and work!! Lol sorry again.  Um so most of you know that I normally play on the weekends, but I will be gone from Friday to Monday because I'll be with my family and friends skiing in Winter Park Colorado!!!! It's going to be a blast!  But please feel free to clan war and do what not without me. Oh DJ!! Is Rob back yet?!?! Lol  because it looks like you guys could've used him the other day lol, oh that reminds me, the stats have been updated ;) cya guys.  EAT CHICKEN AND WE'LL WIN MORE!!!

(2.22.05) HEY! what's up boys? Well I've decided to post a new comment everyday (hopefully you guys can do the same on our FORUMS cause they need to be used) so that way you guys can come here more often.  OMG! I was pissed off yesterday while I was playing a Team Skirmish game against these newbies, (we were owning as always) and then all of a sudden our flag was taken and scored two seconds later! we were cheated on! GRRRR! I can't wait till all these newbs get banned for cheating I DON'T LIKE IT lol...well that's my interesting story for the day, I hope to see some of you on live today or tomorrow...later.

(2.21.05) Hey what's up everyone! Ok well I'm going to start right away with the news. I have a few things I would like to say.  For one, ROB IS BACK!!!!!! And we owned the hell out of most of the people we played yesterday it was great.  Because Rob is back we were able to Clan War again.  We had seven matches yesterday and ended them with a 5-2 record.  Not to shabby, especially when we moved up to a level 7 clan.  I have updated the stats from the past few days so check them out.  Remember that the newest stats are at the bottom of the list, and the oldest are at the top.  Something else is also new, now when you check our members out, if you want to see their stats just click on their names and you'll see them! Cool huh? Also I don't think the forum is getting the usage that I had hoped for, so if you guys could come here more often that would be great lol.  Ok also I need you guys to check the forum cause I'm think about expanding the clan to Unreal Championship 2 as well as Halo 2, Half Life, Counter Strike Source, and  Halo PC.  I want this clan to be HUGE.  That means we can't stay on one game only.  I'll post it on the forums and you guys tell me what you think about it.  Ok guys catch you online. Eat Chicken 

(2.17.05) WE HAVE A FORUM!!!! ok guys the forum is up...its just a link to but we can post all the messages and topics we want.  It would be great if u guys signed up and made names but u don't have to, u can post comments without having to do that.  So go check it out and tell me what you guys think! 

(2.12.05) Hey guys I did a recent update on our stats.  I don't really have much to say.  Um I'm working on the forum but nothing is guaranteed.  COME BACK ROB!!!!

(2.08.05) Hey guys how's it going??  Sorry about not being online in the past two or three days I've been busy with this site (looks easier to do than it actually is) and with school and work and the dreadful homework. Ha-ha well anyway I haven't heard your thoughts on the sight yet but I hope to get some input soon.  I'm still working on the forum, I'm just not sure Tripod will let me have one, but we'll find out.  Also Bungie has shut their server down for the time being so they can do some maintenance with their sight, so if you try to check our stats, they won't be brought up.  I'll also try to get decent names for the matches too, it'll probably just be, JPH vs. SO-AND-SO.  alright guys take it easy...and chicken.

(2.07.05) Hey I hope you guys enjoy the newest parts of the website!!! Enjoy and send me an email (Contact us) if you have any questions or comments.  Also I'm going to try to get a forum. 

(2.06.05) Dude, your a tool!

(2.03.05) WORD!!!!!! Long time no POSTING!!! Sorry about that, I just figured no one comes here any more cause no one has been sending me any emails about joining or with any comments.  Please feel free to do so cause I would like to know what you guys (the ones that come here) would like to see on this site.  I'm not much of an HTML genius so my Uncle {JPH}Ericcosauve will help me when he has the chance.  I was thinking maybe a music video that you guys can enjoy haha but I don't know about it yet.  Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to liven up this site so it can be an enjoyable experience for all of you die hards out there.  Haha ok now about the KLAN! well I haven't been on a whole lot because of classes, homework, and work.  But I am on as much as possible (give me some credit guys, its hard to run a clan and have a life at the same time haha) Last night was a big night for the clan, we had about  six members on and won a few matches.  A few of the games weren't marked as wins but its because it ended in ties.  In Major Clan Matches we're a level 3, and that's only after 8 matches.  In Minor Clan Matches we're a level 5 (could be better) but I plan on clan matching more so if your on CONTACT ME or come to my party when I invite you!! Take it easy chicken..

(12.18.04) Hey what's going on guys?!?! Not much with me, I've been very busy with classes and finals that I had to take but now those are all finished so I am now free to WAR!!  I have some good news, the xbox clan is 4-1 thus far, not to bad huh.   If you want to see the stats just click on stats, then click on the links given there.  These links will take u to bungie's website where we can check all the stats!  It'll show u the stats of the five wars we've had so far.  Also JPH PC klan is going to a different level HALF LIFE 2!!!! Since I only own the clan I have nothing to do with this new era of the JPH KlAN.  If you want to check it out and see what's going on check out {JPH}MINIME's new website. I will be updating this sight again soon because to me it looks a little dull.  If you are interested in joining the xbox clan please click on the Contact Us tab and send me an email with your gamer tag and why you want to join the clan.  ALL RIGHT PEACE!!!


(11.18.04)  It's been while since I've updated new info for you guys.  A lot has happened since the last update.  For example HALO 2 IS OUT!!!!! The game is so amazing, I play it all the time.  But because halo 2 is out, JPH has become an Xbox clan.  It's so much better than PC, I hated having to schedule clan wars, find members who could come play, report a loss if we lost AHHHHH.  Well now on Xbox all I have to do is go to "find major/minor clan match" it's awesome.  Well since we're now an Xbox clan, the PC version is done, well for Tiger and I anyway.  {JPH}MINIMIE is now in charge of the PC clan and is responsible for recruiting, and setting up wars.  You can still email Tiger or myself if you have any questions, because after all, we own the clan! HAHAHA.  Ok well for any of you already in JPH PC, you can automatically join the Xbox clan, just let me know what your gamer tag is.  Also, PC stats will no longer be posted, I will now only post Xbox stats.